Yes, today it will be a slightly different story. We can define Eye contact differently – even if it may not make sense? The idea is, that it could be classified into multiple categories. Such as the usual eye contact, that you keep with someone in normal conversation, but then there are people who just cannot talk to you and actually look at you – they talk to you, you discuss something and they are not able to look you in the eyes. Sincerely I‘m pretty irritated by that. I’m not saying that they must look into my eyes all the time, but I think that a little bit of eye contact is polite. It can prove that you are really listening. Eye contact is just human nature.


Then there’s such an unpleasant, that knows every girl/woman. It is the gaze of some guy, mostly weird one. You are sitting on the train, he sits opposite or through the lane and he is always staring at you. Honestly, in these moments I have the urge to run away. Sometimes the staring is too much, and you feel like a piece of meat. I don’t think I’m the only one who, in connection with this situation thought about a single word: pervert. Whether you are similar to this situation or not, it’s annoying.


Thank God, I’m getting to the good part. Eye contact may also be dangerous. Yes, I really mean it, and Yes, I think it’s the better part. I think every teenager and even a grown woman knows this. There is this nice boy/guy and you two are repeatedly looking at each other, it’s not scary, it’s the kind of stare that makes you blush – like you are searching for eyes of the other one. Have you ever done it? This may not be the intention to either one of you, it could happen by mistake, and the “spark” just appears. It happened to me a couple of times. My conclusion is simple. It’s chemistry, but a pleasant one and sometimes dangerous. Enjoy these dangerous stares, it feels nice! 🙂 Eye contact is a dangerous thing, but lovely… So lovely.


With love,



PS: Sorry for mistakes, English is not my first language. 🙂

Oh, so lovely

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