Welcome! You’ve just won the lottery. Ok, I‘m kidding. I am a girl who loves writing and I got into trouble – I have lost my inspiration. That’s probably the reason why I am trying to start something like a blog. The biggest problem is my procrastination showing up or just my laziness, who knows?
I certainly don‘t, so I am on this page telling myself that this is finally it, that thing what is gonna make me do something – hoping for this to be true. 🙂
You won’t find anything usual here – at least it’s not the plan. This is me trying to be more productive, I am not planning to make it a fashion or beauty blog, I think there will be just everything. 🙂 It’s gonna be a place where I want to put my thoughts and perceptions, maybe a little motivation – because we all need it!

With love,



4 thoughts on “HELLO!

  1. Hey!! Welcome to the world of blogging. Hope you like this new place. I read that you lost your inspiration, nothing new same with me too. But after opening this blog I met so many people that I’m actually glad I opened this. I hope you find inspiration here. I guess you’ll do.
    Lots of love and best of luck,
    Clare xxx


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