You are reading correctly – fear. It’s probably not the best topic for the first article, but it had to start with something. And this was honestly the first thing that occurred to me. I don’t know if this is due to the fact that I’m thinking about this one word a lot lately, or it was just a coincidence, but miraculously I am sitting at my laptop with MS Word opened up. So far I’m still fighting with my writing problem, so I hope that all of this is not gonna be such a disaster – but now to the topic.

We are all scared sometimes, whether we admit it or not. It doesn’t matter if we are acting like we are not feeling the fear – if it shows up it‘s usually not a good sign. It can be any kind of fear – but the worst fear is fear of something we actually can affect. Because fear forces us to consider some things too much, to overthink it.

The harsh reality is that fear affects 90% of our decision which mostly leads to a worse outcome – we succumb to fear. Sometimes it just takes to have a little faith in yourself, that we are good enough, that even if we fail it’s not gonna be a shame, it will be experience from which we can draw on. And as most of us know, a disgrace is not to fall, but remain lying down.

The fear is, of course, a part of each of us, and no one should be ashamed for it. Sadly, fear is a part of each decision in our personal life, career and education. If we let it control our life, in a few years we will find out that we are not happy with where we are – or even that we are not happy with yourself, and we don’t know how to get out of this.

Personally, I am not one of those people who take risks. I let my fears control me sometimes, but now I know, I can’t have fear forever – as well as bad luck, but that’s a topic for another time. 🙂

Whether you’re afraid of anything, remember that fear is a liar. Yes! Believe it or not. Fear is a lying b*tch. It may sound like a joke but think about it… How many times has fear influenced you negatively? Making difficult decisions is always annoying, but let fear affect them is not beneficial for you or for your future. Don’t worry. Life is too short to be scared. So remember – fear is a liar.

With love,


PS: Sorry for mistakes, English is not my first language. 🙂


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